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These lovely children are the Guardians of the Garden.

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The children brought their ideas for a name for the Gardening Club. By show of hands the name they chose was,  'Guardians of the Garden'.


5.03.18 -  some children made with the help of their parents and grandparents recycled watering cans. They presented them to the other children and explained how to make them. The children have all decided to make and decorate their own.


We would like to share with you our 'before' allotmant. You will be able to follow our progress as we will post more photographs and information.





12.03.18 - We have started planting our seeds. We planted flowers and vegetable seeds in the Dunblane garden. We hope that they will grow soon. We have to water them every week.


24.04.18 - Well our plants have certainly grown! We have 'pricked out the seedlings and placed them in a larger pots and also divided our lettuce.



14.05.18 - We have been very busy. We have scrubbed our tyres and painted them ready to plant our flowers!





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