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School Buildings and Grounds

Our school has a split site, with two buildings on opposite sides of Elm Street at the junction with Saville Road. Our main school is accommodated in the former junior building and our Nursery across the road on the top floor of the former infant building. 

Both school buildings are also used by the local community. The lower floor of our Nursery building provides a base for both Skelmanthorpe Preschool Playgroup and for Kidz Club, an independent childcare club which runs every day after school and during some school holidays.

We enjoy attractive grounds which include a playground on three levels, climbing apparatus, a large playing field, a wildlife area and a woodland area.



Our vision at Skelmanthorpe Academy is of a safe, stimulating, happy and healthy environment which creates an enthusiasm and a motivation for learning and promotes high expectations and achievement.


At Skelmanthorpe Academy we are determined to create an inclusive culture where there is opportunity and equality for all. We want individuals to value themselves and others and to treat each other with care, consideration, fairness, courtesy and respect. 

We strive to ensure that all of the following are evident in the everyday life and work of our school:

S       -        Success

K        -        Kindness

E        -        Empathy

L        -        Loyalty

M       -        Manners

A       -        Achievement

N       -        Nurture

T       -        Tolerance

H       -        Honesty

O       -        Openness

R        -        Responsibility

P        -        Pride

E        -        Enjoyment

Our main aims are:

  .    To meet the physical, emotional and educational needs of all children.

  • To promote children's self-esteem and confidence by developing awareness of self and sensitivity to others.

  • To provide a safe, secure, child friendly learning environment.

  • To promote and achieve high standards of achievement and attainment for all by providing teaching and learning of the highest quality.

  • To ensure that all children benefit from a rich, broad, balanced and meaningful curriculum.

  • To provide a strong emphasis on the core skills of literacy, numeracy and computing.

  • To differentiate teaching and learning to take account of all learners’ individual and special needs.

  • To enable children to develop their natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning through first-hand experience, practical work, investigation and learning through play.

  • To encourage and challenge children to be active, imaginative, creative and self–critical learners, unafraid of making mistakes.  

  • To foster independence and collaboration in learning.

  • To promote a sense of belonging and responsibility, providing opportunities for the children to contribute to the school and wider community.

  • To promote self-discipline and positive attitudes towards work and behaviour.

  • To encourage children to persevere and take pride in their work as they strive to do their best.

  • To promote an understanding for the multicultural nature of our society and foster respect and tolerance for those of different religions and cultures.

  • To develop caring attitudes and an awareness of the needs, strengths and qualities of others.


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